book · noun C /bʊk/Full view
A1 a set of pages fastened together inside a cover for people to read
Dictionary examples:

I've read all his books.

She wrote a book about the island's history.

I bought a book on/about Glasgow.

Learner example:

When he finish[es] work, he goes [to] a pub, he ha[s] a beer and he read[s] a book. (Skills for Life (Entry 1); A1; Italian)

B1 a set of pages fastened together in a cover and used for writing on
Dictionary example:

an address book

Learner example:

I lost my address book last week. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Chinese)

do sth by the book
C2 to do something exactly as the rules tell you
Dictionary example:

If you want to get permission for the building, you'll need to do everything by the book.

Learner example:

The upper-class people always do things by the book, follow the rules and the conventions and therefore are stand-offish and cold. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; French)

be in sb's good/bad books
C2 If you are in someone's good books, they are pleased with you, and if you are in their bad books, they are angry with you.
Dictionary example:

I'm in Mum's good books at the moment for passing my exams.

Learner example:

She always admired him so much and wanted to be in his good books. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Polish)

a book of stamps/tickets, etc.
C2 a set of stamps, tickets, etc. that are fastened together inside a cover
Dictionary examples:

I bought a book of stamps.

You can get a book of ten tickets for the ferry.

book · verb I or T /bʊk/
A2 to arrange to use or do something at a particular time in the future
Dictionary examples:

She'd booked a table for two at their favourite restaurant.

You need to book a seat on the train to Edinburgh.

Book early/in advance to get a good room.

The hotel is fully booked for the next three weeks.

Learner example:

Don't forget to book in advance bec[a]use, as you can imagine, everyone goes away from the city during the Summer holiday! (Preliminary English Test; B1; Spanish)

book sb in or book sb into sth
B1 to arrange for someone to stay at a hotel
Dictionary example:

She booked me into a hotel in the town centre.

Learner example:

You have been booked into the "Palace Hotel" which is one of the most comfortable [hotels] in town. (First Certificate in English; B2; Turkish)

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