comment · noun C /ˈkɑm.ent/Full view
B1 something that you say or write that expresses your opinion
Dictionary examples:

I don't want any comments about my new haircut!

Tell us what you think - go to our web page and post/leave/add a comment.

He made negative comments to the press.

Learner example:

Write me a comment. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Italian)

No comment.
C2 used to say that you do not want to answer someone's question
Dictionary example:

"Will you be running for Congress?" "No comment."

comment · verb I or T /ˈkɑm.ent/
B2 to make a comment
Dictionary examples:

My mom always comments on what I'm wearing.

He commented that the two essays were very similar.

The official refused to comment on the matter.

Learner example:

I will only comment on some points, the others may be viewed as agreed upon. (First Certificate in English; B2; German)

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