commercial · noun C /kəˈmɜr.ʃəl/Full view
B1 an advertisement on the radio, on television, etc.
Dictionary example:

I turn the sound off during the commercials.

Learner example:

I don't watch tv because of the commercials. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Swiss German)

commercial · adjective /kəˈmɜr.ʃəl/
B2 related to buying and selling things
Dictionary examples:

a commercial organization/success

The commercial future of the company looks very promising.

Learner example:

Unfortunately, as long as their private life is interesting for ordinary people and it brings commercial gain to publishers, journalists and photographers, famous people will just have to get use[d] to this living "under a microscope". (First Certificate in English; B2; Polish)

commercial (FOR PROFIT)
C2 making money from advertising
Dictionary example:

commercial television

Learner example:

These days, in all commercial television, they show advertisement[s] in every hour of the day. (International English Language Testing System; C2; Bengali)

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