conclusion · noun /kənˈkluː.ʒən/Full view
Nouns: conclusion
Adjectives: concluding, conclusive, inconclusive
Verbs: conclude
Adverbs: conclusively
conclusion (JUDGMENT)
B1 C the opinion you have after considering all the information about something
Dictionary example:

At first I thought he was being rude, but I've come to/reached the conclusion that he's just shy.

Learner example:

Dear Jack and Ben: I['ve] been thinking about your last letter for quite a long time and I came to the following conclusion. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Spanish)

In conclusion
B2 used to introduce the last part of a speech or a piece of writing
Dictionary examples:

In conclusion, I would like to thank our guest speaker for her fascinating talk.

In conclusion, swimming is an enjoyable form of exercise and an excellent way to stay in shape.

Learner example:

In conclusion, music, TV and clothes are very important in a young person's life and can reflect each person's character. (First Certificate in English; B2; Greek)

jump to conclusions
C2 to guess the facts about a situation without having all of the information
Dictionary example:

It’s not fair to jump to conclusions based on one incident.

Learner example:

I think, before jumping to conclusions, we should first try to anal[ys]e the situation. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Italian)

conclusion (END)
C2 C the final part of something
Dictionary examples:

the dramatic conclusion of the movie

The case should finally be brought to a conclusion this week.

Learner example:

When it comes to the crunch, he is patient and persistent enough to carry a project to a successful conclusion. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Spanish)

lead sb to a conclusion
C2 to cause you to think that something is probably true
Dictionary example:

So you thought I was leaving, did you? What led you to that conclusion?

Learner example:

These results lead us to the conclusion that only people with "minds tough enough" will survive. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Greek)

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