continue · verb I or T /kənˈtɪn.juː/Full view
Nouns: continuation, continuity
Adjectives: continual, continuous
Verbs: continue, discontinue
Adverbs: continually, continuously
continue (NEVER STOP)
B1 to keep happening, existing or doing something
Dictionary examples:

It continued to snow heavily for two days.

If the rain continues, we'll have to cancel tonight's plans.

The article continues on page ten.

I'll continue working until the end of June.

Should I continue with this job?

Sally Palmer will be continuing as chairperson this fall.

Learner example:

I t[h]ought that he wasn't calling me, so I continued walking to the car. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Catalan)

continue (BEGIN AGAIN)
B1 to start doing or saying something again, after stopping for a short period
Dictionary examples:

We'll have to continue this discussion tomorrow.

It's getting late - why don't we continue tomorrow?

After stopping for a quick snack, they continued on their way.

He paused for a moment to listen and then continued eating.

Learner example:

We continued our journey early in the morning. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Swiss German)

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