corner · noun C /ˈkɔːr.nər/Full view
A2 the point, area or line which is formed by the meeting of two lines, surfaces, roads, etc.
Dictionary examples:

Click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

There's a mailbox on/at the corner.

I've got a bruise where I hit my leg against the corner of the table.

They live just around the corner - so we see them all the time.

Learner example:

It's at the corner of East Street and Beach Street. (Key English Test; A2; French)

a tight corner
C2 a difficult situation
Dictionary example:

She had been in a tight corner before and had always managed to cope.

Learner example:

It is a great pressure, requiring a lot of effort and sense of humor but does work in most cases, helping to find the best way out of a tight corner. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Russian)

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