agree · verb /əˈgriː/Full view
Nouns: agreement, disagreement
Adjectives: agreeable, disagreeable
Verbs: agree, disagree
Adverbs: agreeably
A2 I or T to have the same opinion as someone
Dictionary examples:

I agree with you.

My father and I don't agree about/on very much.

We all agreed that mistakes had been made.

"You're absolutely right," agreed Jake.

Learner example:

Do you agree with me? (Key English Test; A2; Spanish)

agree (DECIDE)
B1 I or T to decide something with someone
Dictionary examples:

We agreed to meet on Sunday.

We couldn't agree on what to buy.

Learner example:

We were not so sure which film we wanted to see but we agreed to see "Blade 3" at seven o'clock. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Swedish)

agree (SAY YES)
B2 I to say you will do something that someone asks you to
Dictionary examples:

She agreed to help him.

The bank has agreed to lend me $5000.

Learner example:

When I came home, I told my mother everything and she agreed to put him up. (First Certificate in English; B2; Greek)

agree (BE THE SAME)
C1 I If two descriptions, statements, etc., agree, they are the same.
Dictionary examples:

Her notes do not agree with what I remember happening.

Does the information in the two reports agree?

Learner example:

This does not agree with the intentions of our Program. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Dutch)

agree with sth
B2 to think that something is correct or acceptable
Dictionary example:

I don't agree with hunting.

Learner example:

I don't agree with keeping animals in zoos; I think that it's cruel and unnecessary. (First Certificate in English; B2; Catalan)

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