deliver · verb /dɪˈlɪv.ər/Full view
deliver (TAKE)
B1 I or T to take things such as goods, letters, or packages to people's houses or places of work
Dictionary examples:

Express packages are delivered to our office several times a day.

The store is delivering our new table on Thursday.

Learner example:

I need to borrow your bicycle to deliver my father's wallet. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Portuguese)

deliver a speech/talk, etc.
B2 to speak formally to a group of people
Dictionary example:

The president delivered a speech on health care.

Learner example:

Then, he delivered a speech to the public. (First Certificate in English; B2; Chinese)

deliver (ACHIEVE)
C1 I or T to achieve or do something that you have promised to do or that people expect you to do
Dictionary example:

The company failed to deliver the high-quality service we expect.

Learner example:

I can also help as a team-leader to help others to deliver the right services. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Chinese)

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