demonstrate · verb /ˈdem.ənˌstreɪt/Full view
Nouns: demonstration, demonstrator
Adjectives: demonstrative
Verbs: demonstrate
demonstrate (PROVE)
B2 T to show or prove that something exists or is true
Dictionary examples:

These problems demonstrate the importance of strategic planning.

These figures clearly demonstrate the size of the economic problem facing the country.

Research has demonstrated that babies can recognize their mother's voice very soon after birth.

Learner example:

The results were amazing, the group man[a]ged to demonstrate that the learning capacity increased a lot with respect to traditional methods. (First Certificate in English; B2; Spanish)

demonstrate (MARCH)
B2 I to march or stand with a group of people to show that you disagree with or support someone or something
Dictionary example:

Thousands of people gathered to demonstrate against the war.

Learner example:

Maybe the RSPCA should demonstrate, to show that it's not [accept]able. We have to stand up for their rights! (First Certificate in English; B2; Danish)

demonstrate (SHOW HOW)
C1 T to show something and explain how it works
Dictionary examples:

The teacher demonstrated how to use the equipment.

He's got a job demonstrating kitchen equipment in a department store.

Learner example:

I could demonstrate to people how to create compost pits and use kitchen waste to generate compost for their gardens. (International English Language Testing System; C2; Marathi)

demonstrate (EXPRESS)
C2 T to express or show that you have a feeling, quality, or ability
Dictionary example:

He has demonstrated a genuine interest in the project.

Learner example:

As a result, he does not allow himself to demonstrate any emotion apart from anger. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Greek)

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