distribution · noun /ˌdɪs.trəˈbjuː.ʃən/Full view
distribution (SUPPLYING)
C1 U when something is supplied or given out to people or places
Dictionary example:

the sale and distribution of electronic equipment

Learner example:

During the economic slowdown throughout the 1980s, the use of railroads for goods transport dropped significantly (about 50%) while terrestrial and water transport provided cheaper and mo[re] effective means of distribution. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Spanish)

distribution (SHARING)
C1 U or no plural the way something is divided and shared in a group or area
Dictionary example:

the distribution of wealth

Learner example:

Poverty, domestic problems and [an] uneven distribution of wealth in the community make such children bitter and instead of working hard, they become reb[ell]ious and try to look for short cut[s] to gain money and comfort. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Urdu)

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