divide · verb /dɪˈvɑɪd/Full view
Nouns: division, subdivision, dividend
Adjectives: divided, undivided, divisible, divisive
Verbs: divide, subdivide
divide (SEPARATE)
B1 I or T to separate into parts or groups or to make people or things do this
Dictionary examples:

At the end of the lecture, I'd like all the students to divide into small discussion groups.

After World War II, Germany was divided into two separate countries.

Learner example:

The class was divided in[to] two groups. (Preliminary English Test; B1; French)

divide (PLACE)
B2 T to separate a place into two areas
Dictionary example:

There's a narrow alley which divides our house from the one next door.

Learner example:

The city is divided into two parts by the River Danube: Buda and Pest. (First Certificate in English; B2; Russian)

divide sth (up) among/between sb
C1 to separate something into parts and give a part to each person in a group
Dictionary example:

The prize money will be divided equally among the winners.

Learner example:

As women start to work out[side] the home more, the housework has to be divided among all the family members. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Portuguese)

divide (NUMBERS)
C1 T to calculate how many times a number can go into another number
Dictionary example:

12 divided by 6 equals 2.

divide (DISAGREE)
C1 T often passive to cause people to disagree about something
Dictionary example:

The city council was divided over plans to build a new stadium.

Learner example:

It is certainly clear to all that cars cannot continue to [enter the city] as they are currently doing, but this is a polemic subject and citizens are bound to be divided. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Portuguese)

divide · noun C /dɪˈvɑɪd/
C1 a difference or separation
Dictionary example:

Because of debt repayments, the divide between rich and poor countries is continuing to grow.

Learner example:

Certainly, there are a lot of exceptions but this system can be considered as a kind of social divide. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Swiss German)

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