dominate · verb I or T /ˈdɑm.əˌneɪt/Full view
dominate (HAVE CONTROL)
B2 to have control over a place or a person
Dictionary examples:

He refuses to let others speak and dominates every meeting.

They work as a group - no one person is allowed to dominate.

Learner example:

For instance, in bank[s], school[s], hospital[s], [and] airport[s] we are absolutely dominated by computers, aren't we? (First Certificate in English; B2; Korean)

dominate (BE IMPORTANT)
C1 to be the largest, most important, or most noticeable part of something
Dictionary examples:

The subject of pay dominated their discussions.

The cathedral dominates the skyline.

Learner example:

The religious values that dominated every aspect of life are slowly being replaced by new ones and the outcome of this metamorphosis has yet to be examined. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Spanish)

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