effort · noun /ˈef.ərt/Full view
Nouns: effort
Adjectives: effortless
Adverbs: effortlessly
effort (ATTEMPT)
B1 C or U an attempt to do something
Dictionary examples:

If we could all make an effort to keep this office neater it would help.

In their efforts to reduce crime the city has expanded the police force.

He's jogging around the park every morning in an effort to get in shape for the football season.

Learner example:

So they planned everything and they didn't have to make an effort as the stupid "kidnapper" was walking my dog round the park before the meeting so they arrested him and I got my dog back. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Portuguese)

effort (ENERGY)
B1 U the energy that you need to do something
Dictionary examples:

They've put a lot of effort into getting the design of the magazine right.

It takes a long time to prepare the dish but the results are so good that it's worth the effort.

It would take too much effort to straighten up his bedroom.

Learner example:

We climb[ed] a mountain and it was so hard, but the effort [was] worth it because the view was beautiful. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Spanish)

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