expense · noun C or U /ɪkˈspens/Full view
Nouns: expenditure, expense, expenses
Adjectives: expensive, inexpensive
Verbs: expend
Adverbs: expensively, inexpensively
B2 the money that you spend on something
Dictionary examples:

Buying a bigger car has proved to be well worth the expense.

We've just had a new garage built at great expense.

It's silly to go to the expense of buying new clothes when you don't really need them.

You have to pay/cover your own medical expenses.

Learner example:

We couldn't afford the expense of a new car [at] that time. (First Certificate in English; B2; Greek)

at the expense of sth
C1 If you do one thing at the expense of another, doing the first thing harms the second thing.
Dictionary example:

He spent a lot of time at work, at the expense of his marriage.

Learner example:

Unfortunately one is usually done at the expense of the other. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Polish)

at sb's expense
C2 in order to make someone look stupid
Dictionary example:

Stop making jokes at my expense.

Learner example:

But despite his intellectual superiority, Piggy was subject to derision because of his physical outward appearance and the group of boys played jokes at his expense. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; German)

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