anyway · adverb /ˈen.iːˌweɪ/Full view
anyway (DESPITE)
A2 despite that
Dictionary example:

Her parents were opposed to her quitting school, but she did it anyway.

Learner example:

Dear Jo, You can call me for th[is] information but I will write it [here] anyway. (Key English Test; A2; Turkish)

A2 used when you are returning to an earlier subject or changing the subject
Dictionary examples:

Anyway, I'll be away next week.

Anyway, in the end I didn't wear your jacket.

Learner example:

I hope everything [will] be O.K... anyway you have my phone number. (Skills for Life (Entry 2); A2; Czech)

B1 used to give a more important reason for something that you are saying
Dictionary examples:

I don't have time to go and anyway it's too expensive.

Of course I don't mind taking you home - I'm going that way anyway.

Learner example:

I'm going to buy a new bed, because the old one has broken, [and] anyway it wasn't very comfortable. (Preliminary English Test; B1; German)

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