area · noun C /ˈer.iː.ə/Full view
area (REGION)
A2 a region of a country or city
Dictionary examples:

All areas of the country will have some rain tonight.

Housing in the Boston area is very expensive.

This is a very poor area.

Learner example:

It's a tourist area. (Key English Test; A2; Turkish)

area (PART)
B1 a part of a building or piece of land used for a particular purpose
Dictionary example:

a play/picnic area

Learner example:

I'm staying in a very big hotel; it ha[s] a swimming pool, a golf area, gardens, and also a children['s] area. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Catalan)

area (SUBJECT)
B2 a part of a subject or activity
Dictionary examples:

Marketing is Paul's area.

Software is not really my area of expertise.

Learner example:

I am a 30-year-old Swedish male with a diploma in gardening. I have 6 years experience of the area since I have been employed by a Swedish fruit supplier. (First Certificate in English; B2; Swedish)

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