ball · noun C /bɔːl/Full view
A1 a round object that you throw, kick, or hit in a game, or something with this shape
Dictionary examples:

a beach/golf/tennis ball

She threw a ball at me and I caught it.

Just try to concentrate on hitting/kicking the ball.

a ball of wool

The kitten curled itself into a ball.

Learner example:

They gave me a ball and a T-shirt. (Key English Test; A2; Portuguese)

be on the ball
C1 to be quick to understand and react to things
Dictionary example:

She's over ninety, but she's still on the ball.

Learner example:

When you're at Sants station, you'll need to be on the ball. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Spanish)

get/start the ball rolling
C2 to make something begin or happen
Dictionary example:

We have to get the ball rolling on this project soon.

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