barbecue · noun C /ˈbɑr.bɪˌkjuː/Full view
barbecue (PARTY)
A2 a party at which meat and other food is cooked and eaten outdoors
Dictionary example:

We're having a barbecue on Saturday.

Learner example:

I didn't get any present[s], because we decided to buy more things for my barbecue. (Key English Test; A2; Portuguese)

barbecue (EQUIPMENT)
A2 a piece of equipment used for cooking food outdoors
Dictionary example:

Put the vegetables on the barbecue.

barbecue · verb T /ˈbɑr.bɪˌkjuː/
B1 to cook food on a barbecue
Dictionary example:

Their traditional sausages are delicious grilled or barbecued.

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