bathroom · noun C /ˈbæθ.ruːm/Full view
A1 a room with a sink, a toilet, and often a bathtub and/or shower
Dictionary example:

The bathroom is right down the hall, on your left.

Learner example:

We have these three bedrooms, one kitchen, living room, and bathroom. (Skills for Life (Entry 1); A1; Polish)

go to the bathroom
A2 to empty the body of urine or solid waste, usually using a toilet in a bathroom
Dictionary example:

It's going to be a long ride, kids, so if you need to go to the bathroom do it now.

Learner example:

I left a history book in your house. It is important because I have to study. I think I left [it] in your house when you went to the bathroom. (Key English Test; A2; Spanish)

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