bed · noun /bed/Full view
A1 C or U a piece of furniture that you sleep on
Dictionary examples:

He lived in a room with only two chairs, a bed and a table.

He likes to have breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning.

She didn't get out of bed till lunchtime today.

I'm exhausted - I'm going to bed.

Learner example:

I'd like to sell my bed. (Key English Test; A2; Italian)

bed (BOTTOM)
C2 C the ground on the bottom of the sea, a river, etc.
Dictionary example:

the sea bed

Learner example:

They landed upside down on a river bed and almost everyone was killed during the fall. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Spanish)

bed (GROUND)
C2 C a piece of ground that is used for growing plants, especially flowers
Dictionary example:

a flower bed

Learner example:

Remember my house has the number four, you can't miss it, it is a big white house with a large bed of roses just near the front door. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; French)

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