able · adjective /ˈeɪ.bəl/Full view
Nouns: ability, disability, inability
Adjectives: able, unable, disabled
Verbs: enable, disable
Adverbs: ably
be able to do sth
A2 to have the ability to do something or the possibility of doing something
Dictionary examples:

He'll be able to help you.

Will she be able to do the work?

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to call you yesterday.

It's so wonderful being able to see the ocean from my window.

Learner example:

I will be able to go to your house next Friday. (Key English Test; A2; Japanese)

C2 smart or good at doing something
Dictionary example:

She's a very able student.

Learner example:

They contend that this will lead to better grades, better results in key stage test[s], and a more able work force. (International English Language Testing System; C2; Hebrew)

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