belief · noun /bɪˈliːf/Full view
Nouns: belief, believer, disbelief
Adjectives: believable, unbelievable
Verbs: believe, disbelieve
Adverbs: unbelievably
belief (TRUE)
B2 U or no plural when you believe that something is true or real
Dictionary examples:

a popular/common/widespread belief

He asked her in the belief that she would lend him the money.

It is my personal belief that the public have a right to know.

She took this medicine in the mistaken belief that it would cure her.

Learner example:

At this time, tango was considered an immoral type of music; but Carlos Gardel changed this belief, [and] people from all over the world loved him. (First Certificate in English; B2; Spanish)

belief (IDEA)
B2 C or U an idea that you are certain is true
Dictionary examples:

He made no secret of his belief that she would recover.

philosophical beliefs

All nonviolent religious and political beliefs should be respected equally.

Learner example:

We get to know the beliefs, superstitions or the principles of other religious denominations. (First Certificate in English; B2; Polish)

belief (EFFECTIVE)
C2 U or no plural the feeling that someone or something is effective or right
Dictionary example:

a belief in social justice

Learner example:

With our hectic lifestyles and complacent belief in modern medical sciences we may forget about the importance of proper eating. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Hungarian)

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