believe · verb T /bɪˈliːv/Full view
Nouns: belief, believer, disbelief
Adjectives: believable, unbelievable
Verbs: believe, disbelieve
Adverbs: unbelievably
believe (TRUE)
A2 to think that something is true, or that what someone says is true
Dictionary examples:

They believe that their health has suffered because of the chemicals.

I can't believe she wants to go out with me.

I told you she was there but you wouldn't believe me.

Learner example:

I believe him. (Key English Test; A2; Chinese)

believe (THINK)
A2 to think something, without being completely sure
Dictionary examples:

"Is she coming alone?" "I believe so."

All the crew are missing, believed dead.

Learner example:

I believe it is in your bedroom. (Key English Test; A2; Portuguese)

not believe your eyes/ears
B1 to be very surprised when you see someone or something, or when you hear what someone says
Dictionary example:

I couldn't believe my ears when Dan said they were getting married.

Learner example:

Well, this church was extremely simple [o]n the outside, but when I got inside it, I couldn't believe my eyes. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Portuguese)

believe it or not
B1 used to say that something is true although it seems surprising
Dictionary example:

He even remembered my birthday, believe it or not.

Learner example:

First I visited the "Roman Bath'' which is more than 2000 years old and, believe it or not, it still works! (Preliminary English Test; B1; German)

believe in sth
B1 to be certain that something exists
Dictionary example:

Do you believe in ghosts?

Learner example:

Claire I want to tell you that we have to believe in miracles! (Preliminary English Test; B1; Russian)

believe in sth/doing sth
B2 to be confident that something is effective and right
Dictionary example:

He believes in saying what he thinks.

Learner example:

Nowadays I don't believe in changing your decision. (First Certificate in English; B2; Polish)

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