borrow · verb /ˈbɑr.oʊ/Full view
borrow (GET)
A2 T to get or receive something from someone with the intention of giving it back after a period of time
Dictionary examples:

I've borrowed some CDs from Mike.

She used to borrow money and not bother to pay it back.

Learner example:

I think that I can borrow the stereo player from my brother. (Key English Test; A2; Swiss German)

borrow (MONEY)
C1 I or T to get money from a bank or financial organization and pay it back over a period of time
Dictionary example:

We had to borrow heavily to set up the business.

Learner example:

Some even borrow from loan sharks just to satisfy impulse shopping needs, which may eventually lead to building up debts to an individual or his family. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Malay)

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