bracket · noun /ˈbræk.ɪt/Full view
bracket (SYMBOL)
C1 C usually plural either of two symbols like two halves of a square, put around a word, phrase or sentence in a piece of writing to show that what is between them should be considered as separate from the main part
Dictionary example:

Biographical information is included in brackets.

Learner example:

About the free time given to costumers, I would like to add that maybe they [don’t] know how to spend it, that is why I am suggesting to offer some proposals, written in brackets [o]n the program sheet. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Spanish)

bracket (GROUP)
C1 C a group of people or things within particular lower and higher limits
Dictionary examples:

Most heart attack victims are in the 45 to 65 age bracket.

Her new job puts her in a higher tax/income bracket.

Learner example:

Australians more than 50 years old watch a movie less than the other age brackets. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Tagalog)

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