actually · adverb /ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li/Full view
actually (TRUTH)
A2 used when you are emphasizing what is really true or what really happened
Dictionary examples:

I don't actually like seafood.

So what actually happened?

Learner example:

Last night I w[as] at your house and I think I have left my purse there. It's actually quite important because my Identi[ty] Card is inside. (Key English Test; A2; Chinese)

actually (SURPRISE)
B1 used when you are emphasizing something surprising
Dictionary examples:

An old friend of mine from college was actually at the same concert - I hadn't seen her for years!

Don't tell me he actually paid!

Learner example:

It was so cool, man! They had actually built a good skate park with a pool, a halfpipe, a funbox, several rails and of course many ramps. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Italian)

actually (OPPOSITE)
B2 used when you are correcting someone, disagreeing with someone, or saying no to a request
Dictionary examples:

Actually, it was Tuesday of last week, not Wednesday.

"You didn't tell me about needing the car." "Actually, I did."

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Actually, I'd rather you didn't."

Learner example:

Actually, TORRENTS was [the] second group [at the festival]. I think you probably missed the first performance [in] which KING CUP sang. (First Certificate in English; B2; Korean)

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