calculate · verb T /ˈkæl.kjəˌleɪt/Full view
Nouns: calculation, calculator
Adjectives: calculated, calculating, incalculable
Verbs: calculate
B2 to discover an amount or number using mathematics
Dictionary examples:

Have you calculated the cost of the project?

He's calculated that it would take him two years to save up enough for a car.

At some stage we need to calculate when the project will be finished.

Learner example:

To end with, the police calculated that there were over 5000 people [at] the Festival. (First Certificate in English; B2; Spanish)

be calculated to do sth
C2 to be intended to have a particular effect
Dictionary example:

His comments were calculated to embarrass the president.

Learner example:

Had he known that his Majesty would be vexed, he would have never written such comical r[hy]mes, hardly calculated to [e]ndear himself to the King. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; French)

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