calendar · noun C /ˈkæl.ən.dər/Full view
calendar (DAYS)
A2 a list that shows all the days, weeks and months of the year
Dictionary examples:

a calendar for the year 2022

I think my birthday is on a Saturday - I'll check the calendar.

Learner example:

I got a calendar from Jul[ie], a candle from Peter, a book from Robert and a birthday cake from my parents. (Key English Test; A2; Slovak)

B2 a book or other list with spaces for each day of the year in which to write down appointments, meetings, etc.
Dictionary example:

OK, I put that in my calendar - dinner at seven on the twenty-third.

Learner example:

I have looked in my calendar to see what time would be the best for you to come here. (First Certificate in English; B2; Danish)

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