card · noun C /kÉ‘rd/Full view
A2 a folded piece of stiff paper with a picture on the front and a message inside, that you send to someone on a special occasion
Dictionary examples:

birthday/get-well cards

It's Steve's birthday on Thursday - I should send him a card.

Learner example:

I got a pretty hat and a birthday card from them. (Key English Test; A2; Japanese)

card (GAME)
A2 one of a set of 52 small rectangular pieces of stiff paper, each with a number and one of four signs printed on it, used in games
Dictionary examples:

After dinner, Ted got out a pack of cards

They play a lot of card games.

Do you want to play cards?

Learner example:

Joe, Marie, Martin and Alison came so we played cards. (Key English Test; A2; Spanish)

B1 a small piece of stiff paper or plastic that has information printed on it
Dictionary examples:

a library card

He gave me his business card.

Learner example:

It is important because my student card is in there. (Key English Test; A2; Burmese)

B1 a part inside a computer which controls how the computer operates
Dictionary example:

a graphics/sound card.

Learner example:

Obviously, I complete[d] the configuration with a sound card and the connection by modem to [the] internet, creating a powerful multimedia work station. (First Certificate in English; B2; Italian)

be in the cards
C2 to be likely to happen
Dictionary example:

Do you think marriage is in the cards?

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