certainty · noun /ˈsɜrt.ən.ti/Full view
Nouns: certainty, uncertainty, certain
Adjectives: certain, uncertain
Adverbs: certainly, uncertainly
certainty (BEING SURE)
B2 U when you are completely sure about something
Dictionary example:

I'm unable to answer that question with any certainty.

Learner example:

I can say with certainty that this town is just a treasure of Polish culture. (First Certificate in English; B2; Polish)

certainty (SURE THING)
C2 C something that is very likely to happen or cannot be doubted
Dictionary example:

There are no absolute certainties in life.

Learner example:

The Book is a Hitchcockian sequence of chases, shaken certainties, mistaken identities, masquerades and escapes. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Greek)

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