chew · verb I or T /tʃuː/Full view
chew (EAT)
B2 to crush food into smaller, softer pieces with the teeth so that it can be swallowed
Dictionary examples:

This meat is difficult to chew.

You don't chew your food enough - that's why you get indigestion.

Learner example:

Next, when you eat something, please chew [it] for a long time. (First Certificate in English; B2; Korean)

chew (BITE)
B2 to repeatedly bite something without swallowing it
Dictionary examples:

She was chewing gum.

Our dog loves a bone to chew (on).

She sat in the dentist's waiting room, nervously chewing (at) her nails.

Learner example:

Students couldn't chew bubble-gum, smoke or eat swe[e]ties in school, but they do now. (First Certificate in English; B2; Swedish)

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