clock · noun C /klÉ‘k/Full view
A1 a piece of equipment that shows you what time it is, usually in a house or on a building and not worn by a person
Dictionary examples:

I could hear the clock ticking.

The town hall clock says 9 o'clock.

I think the kitchen clock is fast/slow.

The clock began to strike twelve.

Did you set the alarm clock?

Learner example:

I want to sell a clock that is ten years old. (Key English Test; A2; Italian)

around the clock
C1 all day and all night
Dictionary example:

Rescue teams are working around the clock to search for survivors of the earthquake.

Learner example:

It is undeniable that people are working around the clock in order to earn a living. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Chinese)

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