club · noun C /klʌb/Full view
club (GROUP)
A2 an organization for people who want to take part in a sport or social activity together, or the building they use for this
Dictionary examples:

I've just joined the local golf/squash/tennis club.

a health and fitness club

Visitors must be accompanied by club members.

Learner example:

I'd like to visit the sport[s] club near your house. (Key English Test; A2; Arabic)

club (TEAM)
B1 a team of sports players
Dictionary examples:

the Washington soccer club D.C. United

the Rangers baseball club

Learner example:

The club is Juventus and as you know, [it] is my favorite [soccer] team. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Italian)

club (DANCE)
B1 a place open late at night where people can dance
Dictionary example:

After the show, we went to a club.

Learner example:

As regards the food, you can ask for any kind of food and after midnight it turns into a club where you can dance [to] any kind of music. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Spanish)

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