cold · adjective /koʊld/Full view
A1 having a low temperature
Dictionary examples:

cold weather

a cold day

cold food/water

cold hands

My feet are so cold.

It's freezing cold today.

Learner example:

I like England because it is cold. (Skills for Life (Entry 1); A1; Thai)

B1 unfriendly or showing no emotion
Dictionary examples:

She became cold and distant with me.

a cold stare/voice

Learner example:

Suddenly, I heard the same, cold voice behind me again. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Greek)

in cold blood
C2 in a cruel way, without showing any emotion
Dictionary example:

He shot three policemen in cold blood.

Learner example:

Returning to the story, when I arrived, I went directly to Hillton Avenue where I should have met 005, but when I arrived at the meeting point I found him lying on the floor with two shots in his back; he had been murdered in cold blood. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Catalan)

cold · noun /koʊld/
A2 C a common illness which makes you sneeze and makes your nose produce liquid
Dictionary example:

I have/caught a cold.

Learner example:

I heard you caught a cold. (Key English Test; A2; Japanese)

the cold
B1 cold weather or temperatures
Dictionary example:

Don't stand out there in the cold - come in!

Learner example:

Because of the cold, some days I had to use gloves. (Preliminary English Test; B1; Portuguese)

make your blood run cold
C2 If something makes your blood run cold, it frightens you very much.
Dictionary example:

I heard a tapping on the window which made my blood run cold.

Learner example:

This thought scared me and made my blood run cold. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Turkish)

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