art · noun /ɑːt/Full view
Nouns: art, artist, artistry
Adjectives: artistic
Adverbs: artistically
A2 U the making or study of paintings, drawings, etc. or the objects created
Dictionary examples:

modern art

an art exhibition/gallery

Art and English were my best subjects at school.

Learner example:

The new art class after school is on Wednesday. (Key English Test; A2; Spanish)

B2 creative areas including painting, drama, dance, music, etc.
Dictionary examples:

fine/decorative arts

She's doing a course in the performing arts.

Learner example:

You can enjoy both traditional and contemporary performing arts in Osaka. (First Certificate in English; B2; Japanese)

C1 subjects, such as history, languages and philosophy, that are not scientific subjects
Dictionary examples:

an arts subject

the Arts Faculty

an arts graduate/degree

Learner example:

The same percentage of graduates from arts and social science and science areas became unemployed after finishing university. (International English Language Testing System; C1; Byelorussian)

art (SKILL)
C1 C or U a skill in a particular activity
Dictionary example:

the art of conversation

Learner example:

In my opinion, spoken English is the best course at the school and it really gives one good practice in the art of negotiation. (Certificate in Advanced English; C1; Polish)

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