SubCat conditional
Lexical Range N/A
Level C2
Cando Can use 'whether or not' to introduce conditions in formal contexts.
Corrected Learner Example Whether or not the visitors should imitate local customs and behaviour is definitely a debatable issue. (India; 2003; Hindi)

Whether or not it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools has been a widely discussed issue in recent years. (Japan; 2008; Japanese)

Whether or not richer countries should help these poor nations is a very controversial issue, there are people on both sides of the argument who have very strong feelings. (Sudan; 2001; Arabic - Egyptian)

However, it depends only on the children whether or not they'll go to a university and there are many factors to be considered before deciding on going. (Greece; C2 MASTERY; 2009; Greek; Pass)
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