Word of the week: gather

The verb gather seems to be known by learners from B2 level. Two meanings – COME TOGETHER and COLLECT – are listed at B2 level, with a further meaning THINK added at C1. The C1 meaning is used mainly in spoken English, but we have also found examples of its use in our written learner data. Also at C1 is the phrase gather speed/strength/support, etc. Verb-noun collocations such as these are important ones to know at an advanced level and learners appear to be acquiring them systematically from C1 onwards – the learner example in the entry includes the phrase gather momentum. The entry for gather in the online resource also has a Word family panel, displaying the verb and its related noun gathering, which is listed at C1 level.
To view the full entry for gather on the English Vocabulary Profile, please click here.

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