bark · verb /bɑːk/Full view
bark (DOG)
B2 I If a dog barks, it makes loud, short sounds.
Dictionary example:

They heard a dog barking outside.

Learner example:

He barks whenever there is a stranger in our house. (First Certificate in English; B2; Chinese)

bark (SHOUT)
C2 I or T to say something loudly and quickly
Dictionary example:

I'm sorry, I had no right to bark at you like that.

Learner example:

She knew at once that Daniel, the boss, had returned. [...] As the day wore on and from her office she heard Daniel barking at everyone and anyone, she became more and more annoyed. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Catalan)

bark · noun U /bɑːk/
C2 the hard, outside part of a tree
Dictionary example:

The bark of the birch tree is white.

Learner example:

By hitting the bark of trees or hollow pieces of wood rhythmically, p[r]ehistoric humans tended to communicate or entertain themselves. (Certificate of Proficiency in English; C2; Greek)

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