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English Profile is a ground-breaking collaborative programme, designed to produce a ‘profile’ or set of Reference Level Descriptions for English. These will provide detailed information about what learners 'can do' in English at each of the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

English Profile video

It is the official English language profiling project, registered with the Council of Europe; read about other language profiles here. English Profile's RLD's will provide concrete examples of the competencies laid out in the CEFR, clearly describing what a learner of English can be expected to know at each level.

By providing descriptions of the grammar, vocabulary and functions required at each level, English Profile will provide a clear benchmark for progress that takes account of the complex interactions between English and the learners' mother tongue.

English Profile can play a vital role in the production of resources for the development of curricula, word lists, course materials and teaching guides, delivering materials of practical use for learners, teachers and, indeed, any professionals involved in language learning.

This site gives the background to the English Profile programme and provides free access to our resources, including the English Vocabulary Profile and the English Grammar Profile, which offer searchable listings of the words, phrases and structures typically produced by English language learners at each level of the CEFR. These resources also provide authentic examples of vocabulary and grammar in use by real learners – extremely useful for anyone in the ELT community.

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