English Vocabulary Profile Online - British English

Results 121 - 140 of 15696
Base Word Guideword Level Part of Speech Topic Details
acknowledge SAY RECEIVED C1 verb Details
aid C1 verb Details
applaud PRAISE C2 verb Details
cease B2 verb Details
carrot REWARD C2 noun Details
character PERSON C2 noun Details
ages B1 noun Details
bunch PEOPLE B1 noun Details
click IDEA C2 verb Details
birth BEGINNING C1 noun Details
approval PERMISSION B2 noun communication Details
chemical B2 noun natural world Details
appearance IN PUBLIC B2 noun arts and media Details
assurance PROMISE C1 noun communication Details
allowance MONEY C1 noun money Details
assistance B2 noun people: actions Details
appearance WAY YOU LOOK B1 noun people: appearance Details
assurance CONFIDENCE C2 noun people: personality Details
appearance BECOMING AVAILABLE B2 noun shopping Details
assistant LESS IMPORTANT JOB B1 noun work Details

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